A problem that building contractors must deal with before any construction work can commence is tree removal.

Many contractors opt for land clearing that strips every last tree off a building lot no matter how large or small.

Yet there is a better and more economical and environmentally sound way of tackling lot clearing that leaves some trees intact.

There are some great advantages to protecting mature trees and working around them on the building site, especially when constructing new homes and similar structures.

1. Less Disruption and Destruction of the Environment

The number one reason to consider leaving healthy, mature trees on any construction site is to reduce destruction to the environment.

Trees are natural fighters of air pollution and providers of clean oxygen, which we all need for survival as well as homes to many species.

When there is no actual need to remove trees during land clearing, it’s more beneficial for the immediate environment to leave them in place.

2. Maintains Soil Stability and Quality

By leaving more trees in place with carefully planned land clearing services, there is less loss of topsoil and the ground overall remains more stable.

Topsoil, which is scraped away and removed during a total ground clearing process, is essential for maintaining plant life and even for growing a healthy lawn.

Increased soil stability around a building lot allows for a better constructed foundation or pad installation.

3. Greater Eco-Friendliness

Healthy, mature trees left in place after land clearing around a home or building provide natural shade and cooling, an effect that has been researched and found to lower summer cooling costs as much as 10%.

Shading can also reduce fading and UV deterioration of roofs, siding, wood components, and other parts of the structure.

Trees also act as windbreaks that can lower heating costs in the winter and reduce wind-related damage to buildings when properly maintained.

4. Better Drainage and Runoff Management

Drainage problems are always possible on a cleared lot due to the excavation of and subsequent packing down of the soil in an effort to create a solid base on which to build.

Effective clearing by experienced land clearing services that leaves mature, healthy trees intact reduces drainage issues since water is still able to drain into undisturbed soil.

Trees absorb huge amounts of water as well, reducing runoff, flooding, and the amount of water flowing into sewers by keeping it in the ground.

5. Aesthetic Beauty

Mature trees make any new construction site more beautiful and less obvious as brand new construction.

This is especially desirable on home sites, where it’s preferable to maintain existing trees rather than remove them and then have to plant new ones that must go through the whole process of becoming established and then growing for years before they will look appealing or provide any environmental benefit.

Protect Valuable Trees and More When Clearing Land

Trees are a beautiful part of nature and a huge necessity for a healthy, clean environment.

They also help maintain adequate soil drainage and promote retention of essential topsoil.

Whether you’re building a home, an agricultural building, or some other structure, discuss a lot clearing plan with an experienced land clearing service that includes protecting healthy trees, not automatically removing them.

Not only will clearing be easier and more economical but those trees will continue to support the soil and promote a stabler construction zone!

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