Before any land development project can begin, construction sites must be cleared and grubbed to turn them into suitable building locations.

Whether the land is raw and overgrown with trees and brush or was previously built on, it is a part of site preparation that’s critical to the success of the construction project.

It is also a challenging job that should be performed only by experienced contractors to ensure the land is sufficiently prepared for building on.

What Is Land Clearing?

Land clearing is the process of preparing a building lot for construction by removing all debris on that land.

Clearing raw land involves removing select trees, plus all brush, and other vegetation so the site can be graded and a building pad or foundation can be excavated and installed.

It might also involve excavating when large trees are removed or extensive leveling must be done.

Clearing land that’s previously been built on can include anything from tearing down old structures to demolishing existing ones and cleaning up the mess.

In either case, the end result is a lot that’s ready for new construction to begin.

What Is Land Grubbing?

Land grubbing is the process of removing all the roots and other remaining debris from raw land that’s been cleared of trees, brush, and other vegetation.

While clearing raw land may remove surface vegetation, it also leaves behind roots, logs, rocks, and other debris that must all be removed before site grading and preparation can begin.

How Is It Done?

Clearing and grubbing work is done in a number of ways depending on the type of material on the lot and how much excavating and leveling is required afterward.

Contractors must first confirm the location of any utility lines that might cross the property and avoid them while preparing the land.

Trees might be pushed over with bulldozers or cut down and surface vegetation may be cut down using a bush hog or similar machinery.

Large debris like rocks and fallen trees are pushed and picked up to be removed from the site.

Then tree stumps are ground down with powerful grinders and roots are removed with root rakes and other heavy equipment until all debris is gone and only the soil remains.

Hire A Qualified Contractor for Expert Clearing and Grubbing

Depending on the lot and how much vegetation is on the raw land, clearing and grubbing services that turns a piece of overgrown wilderness into a clean building lot can be extensive and involve labor-intensive work that can be dangerous.

For these reasons, it’s recommended that this work always be performed by an experienced clearing and grubbing contractor who has the experience and equipment necessary to do the job as quickly and safely as possible without causing unnecessary damage to the building site.

Avoiding mistakes in this primary step of clearing and preparing building sites is the key to a successful construction project!

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