An important topic that land clearing companies and their clients must be concerned with these days is environmental conservation and how to prepare sites while minimizing destruction to the land.

Hydraulic forestry mulching is a method that’s gaining popularity because of the numerous benefits it offers over traditional land clearing methods.

Using a newer generation of forestry track loaders or land clearing tractors equipped with special attachments, hydraulic mulching services are faster, easier, and more environmentally sound than traditional ‘chop down and dispose of’ land clearing methods.

What Is Hydraulic Forestry Mulching?

Hydraulic forestry mulching is a method of land clearing that essentially turns all the vegetation cleared off a parcel of land into natural mulch.

It’s done by land clearing companies using powerful hydraulic forestry tractors made with construction tracks for getting around on all terrains that can add a number of attachments to perform different clearing and mulching tasks.

This equipment is significantly more versatile and efficient than traditional construction and forestry equipment that requires more time and effort to run and is more damaging to the environment.

Attachments used on hydraulic mulching machines include strong, bladed rotary cutting drums and mulching heads, stump grinders, and other specialty components that handle all aspects of land clearing.

Benefits of Hydraulic Mulching

By its very nature, land clearing is a destructive although necessary process in some circumstances like site preparation, forestry management, and others.

Using the forestry mulching method, hydraulic mulching services can clear land yet do it in such a way as to have a number of advantages over traditional methods that cut everything down and either burn it or carry it off somewhere for disposal:

  • Less Destructive to the Landscape - Hydraulic mulching doesn't involve ripping or pulling anything out; instead, it grinds and chips things down to the ground, leaving behind a bed of natural mulch. It is easier to leave certain elements like mature trees behind while removing other brush, smaller trees, and other similar items.
  • Faster, Easier, and More Economical - Hydraulic forestry mulching tractors are multi-functional when used with the right attachments and can perform all parts of necessary mulching and clearing.
  • Prevents Soil Erosion - Bypasses the need for traditional scraping and pulling land clearing methods that disturb the soil and can cause erosion to be a major problem afterward.
  • Improves Soil Quality - When finely chipped and ground mulch can be left behind to decompose naturally, it creates great food for the soil that improves its overall quality and integrity, reduces erosion, and better supports mature trees.
  • No Waste - By using hydraulic mulching rather than cutting down, there is no vegetation to carry away and no need to start dangerous polluting fires to burn piles of clearing waste.
  • Controls Overgrowth - Layers of natural mulch left over cleared lands serves to control brush overgrowth in areas where fire prevention is critical

Choose Beneficial Hydraulic Mulching Land Clearing

Regardless of what type of land clearing is required, the preservation of the environment should be of paramount concern to all.

It’s recommended that customers in need of field clearing, forestry management, and site clearing hire a hydraulic mulching service that understands this and strives to provide those services with minimal destruction of the land.

Considering the many benefits of this technique, hydraulic mulching has a critical role in land management for agricultural, forestry, and construction purposes!

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