Upon nearing the end of land development projects once the site has been cleared, leveled, improved for building, and then built on, another step that site work contractors handle is the installation of fencing for various uses.

This is a very convenient time for site work services to install fencing as it can be done quickly without the worry of destroying sod or finished landscaping.

There are three main types of fencing that site work companies typically use to finish development projects, each with a different purpose.

1. Security Fencing

Security fencing is a common choice of site work contractors for creating a strong, secure boundary around a nearly-completed development site once there is no longer a need to move heavy equipment in and out to complete the building.

The purpose of these fences is to protect what is inside the containment area by keeping trespassers and even wildlife out and keeping what’s inside the fence contained.

The two most popular security fencing options that developers use on commercial properties are:

  • Chain link fencing which is very affordable and goes up quickly.
  • Tube steel bar fencing which costs a bit more but offers a more appealing look that’s similar to a real wrought-iron fence.

2. Privacy Fencing

Privacy fencing is a very versatile option chosen by site work services as it can serve multiple purposes for many different development and construction projects.

Available in PVC and wood types, these 6 or 8-foot fences enclose the contained area with a visual barrier that creates a more private space within.

Contractors will use these fences at certain commercial building sites as well as around residential home sites when requested by the homeowner.

Although they may not be quite as strong as security fencing, privacy fences create security in their own way by restricting what can be seen by outsiders that could motivate them to trespass or vandalize.

3. Decorative Fencing

Although fencing types do overlap some, generally speaking site work services might install decorative type fences like wood fences around home properties and within neighborhoods.

Board, rail, picket, and other fences look much more appealing on residential building lots and provide good barriers for pets and kids, too.

Still, some homeowners might prefer their site work company to install privacy fencing which can look decorative as well depending on the style used.

Fencing Used For Purposeful Land Development

To turn a bare plot of land into a beautiful, finished property, site work contractors go through many steps to do it.

After the heavy work has been completed and the structure is built, contractors will add fencing for security, privacy, or decorative purposes as requested by the property owner.

Once the fencing has been installed, site work companies can then move on to the first of the finishing steps of complete land development, the finish grading.

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