No matter what kind of land clearing work you need done, it is essential to choose an experienced land clearing service that knows what they are doing.

That’s because there is a lot more to clearing land than simply removing trees and brush.

Mistakes made during this preliminary site preparation process can negatively affect the outcome of your entire project.

Consider these lesser-known factors when choosing land clearing contractors to be certain of hiring an efficient contractor who knows their job and will prepare a trouble-free site that is ready for building.

Hire Licensed Civil Engineers

Start a project out right by insisting on land clearing contractors who are civil engineers and licensed to do this type of work.

Qualified civil engineers are those with an educational and professional background in land clearing and site preparation, a person who understand the many intricacies of this work.

Civil engineers understand everything from tree clearing and soil compaction to site drainage and how land clearing work can affect the building site.

Land Clearing - Avoid Weather Extremes

Although you can hire a land clearing service to work at any time of the year, it is better to schedule any such jobs in either the spring or fall.

The reason for that is simple; land clearing is strenuous hard work, even using heavy machinery.

It is easier to do and get superior results when the weather is mild.

While it doesn’t mean it cannot be done, working in weather conditions of extreme heat and cold is just harder in general for this type of work, especially during rainy seasons.

Dust Control Is Critical

Land clearing work and site preparation generate a lot of loose dirt and dust in the air that can settle on equipment and everything else.

While it may seem like a minor detail on paper, discuss what your land clearing contractor plans on doing to control dust at the jobsite.

An experienced contractor knows what a problem dust on everything and in the air can be and should have methods they use to control dust at the worksite.

Expert Contour Rounding Matters

Contour rounding is the process of shaping and cutting the ground in preparation for what the final shape and elevation of the site will be once the landscaping is finished.

It is an exacting part of the site preparation work, one that demands a land clearing service skilled in cutting and sloping to ensure that the finished site has proper drainage and is ready for the landscapers to do their part once the construction is finished.

Talk About Soil Blending

Soil blending is another critical part of land clearing work that can make or break an entire construction project.

It involves analyzing the type of soil at the construction site and adding or removing soil as necessary, then compacting it properly.

This will create a secure building pad with the necessary grading and contours that will not end up with drainage or erosion problems. 

Land Clearing Pros Know How It Is Done

When looking for land clearing contractors to handle the start of any building project, it is critical to find highly qualified and experienced professionals for the job.

Choose a land clearing service that employs civil engineers who will discuss and plan the job carefully to include important details like the optimal time of year to start, ideal ways to shape your building site, controlling dust at the worksite, and handling soil concerns.

Picking a highly qualified contractor from the start will ascertain that faster work and a finished construction project without site problems moving into the future is exactly what you receive!

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