A significant part of the work that land clearing services do is tree removal.

It is also one of the most difficult parts of land clearing, requiring careful planning and using the right equipment to do it successfully.

Yet one good thing about tree removal is that it can be done in the winter.

Many land clearing companies even prefer to do it then for a number of practical reasons.

1. Easier Access and Assessment

If there are more than just one or two trees that need to be removed from a lot to be developed, it is much easier for land clearing services to assess the job and create a plan for it after the leaves have fallen.

Barren trees are also easier and safer to cut down due to better access to the trunks and branches the entire length of the tree.

2. Less Damage to The Lot

Another reason why doing tree removal and other land clearing work in winter is better than at other times of the year is because it reduces the amount of overall damage to the entire lot.

Colder, drier weather when it is less likely to rain and create too much mud enables land clearing contractors to go in with heavy equipment and remove entire lots of trees more easily and without leaving ruts and trenches in the ground that can happen in the wetter spring or fall.

If some trees are to be left behind or the clearing work is happening close to other structures, it is also easier to negotiate around those areas without causing unintentional damage there.

While ground leveling and grading work can be easier in warmer weather when the ground is more workable, actually removing the trees is better done in winter.

Disposing of them, whether by burning or hauling them off, is also preferable in the winter.

3. More Economical

Tree removal is also more economical in the winter, as this is usually the slow season for most land clearing services.

Since most other land clearing work starts in the spring and continues through to the end of fall, getting the trees down in winter is not only more time-efficient but also less expensive.

With less work scheduled at this time of year, it may be easier to find a land clearing company to do the work, and at an affordable rate since contractors are typically looking for additional work then as opposed to having too much work to be done.

Get A Head Start On Land Clearing This Winter

No matter what type of project you are planning, starting with a raw lot of land requires skilled land clearing services to go in to do the heavy work like tree removal first.

Though most other parts of a construction project will have to wait until the weather is warmer, why not get a jump start on spring by tackling the tree removal part of land clearing now?

With many land clearing companies having higher availability at this time of year, you can save money and be ready to complete the clearing and grading as spring approaches so your project can move right into its next stages, ensuring an on-time completion!

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