A solid, stable building pad is the literal foundation of every construction large or small project, even before the actual foundation is built.

Unless the dirt pad is constructed correctly by a qualified contracting company that understands the precision required, there is a high risk of failures later on that could compromise the whole structure.

Learn what goes into constructing a safe and stable pad site so you can discuss the process with different contractors and find an experienced building pad service who will do the job right.

Why Are Building Pads Necessary In The First Place?

As easy as it may seem to construct a building right on the ground, in most cases other than for simple pole buildings, this is not possible due to stability issues.

The purpose of a building pad or dirt pad is to provide a strong surface on which to construct a heavy structure that will keep the structure balanced and stable without tilting or sinking into the ground.

It is a safety and zoning requirement that the project starts with professional site preparation and pad construction done by a building pad contractor.

The packed and prepared surface is then suitable for putting in a foundation and then putting up the actual building.

It All Starts With The Soil

The reason why a building pad service must first do site preparation and construct a pad to build on has to do with the ground itself, which can be unpredictable.

Different soils behave in different ways when supporting heavy loads.

Everything from soil composition to how loose it is and how much water it can absorb affects soil stability and in turn, the stability of the structure.

To prevent problems that could put the entire structure at risk, contractors must first analyze the soil at the building pad site and then fill, grade, and compact it to increase its stability.

Once that is done, contractors can then build a solid foundation to evenly hold the weight of the structure built on top of it and keep it from shifting or sinking.

The Procedure Must Be Precisely Executed

Constructing a dirt pad that is stable enough to build on involves a very exact procedure that, if not correctly done, could jeopardize the entire project.

After the soil is analyzed and it is understood what must be done to pack and stabilize it, a building pad company will fill and grade the area, packing the soil after every 6 or so inches of material is added.

While building up the packed dirt pad, contractors must also construct the surface so that it drains well so water will move away from the structure, will not erode, and stays solid beneath the structure once it is complete.

It is demanding work that requires the attention of a building pad service with experience.

Any mistakes during this process could lead to the foundation sinking, the building tilting, or drainage issues that could put the whole site in danger due to soil saturation.

Every Construction Project Starts With A Stable Building Pad

Dirt may not seem so important to the average person; however, it is critical to building contractors who must first construct a stable and safe building pad.

Correct site preparation by a skilled building pad service is the most important element when putting up any kind of structure that requires a foundation.

A professional building pad contractor is the first person to call when putting up a house, a commercial building, or any other heavy structure that requires a level, and stable site to sit on.

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