Pad foundations are one of many types of building foundations that a foundation construction company can use for construction projects depending on the structure’s size, location, soil conditions, and many other details.

These pads or footers are made in various types by a foundation pad service based on the design and site variables present and which design will provide stable and secure footers on which to construct the rest of the structure.

Standard and Reinforced Concrete Pads

The most basic of all foundation pads is the traditional concrete support that contains no reinforcements.

Simply constructed, these concrete slab footers are positioned slightly below the ground surface for the main structure to be built on.

These pads rely solely on the strength of the concrete, so they are used by a foundation pad contractor only as a base for lighter structures with shallow foundations.

When more support is required for a somewhat heavier structure or the support area is larger, a footer that is reinforced with metal can also be used in shallower applications.

These building pads are designed with metal supports inside to increase the strength of the concrete, while the structure itself is then bolted and reinforced to the concrete.

Combined Column Pad

A combined column pad is one used by a foundation pad service when support is required close to an existing structure or along a close site boundary.

These rectangular supports consist of two standard pads that are reinforced by a longer one, which is then positioned perpendicular to the external boundary.

This combined configuration provides support both at the external edge of the structure and further beneath it when preventing movement of any kind is critical due to the proximity of the structure.

Continuous Pad Foundations

A further extension from the combined column support, the continuous pad foundation takes the same idea but furthers it.

Multiple footers are connected in a longer rectangular support and reinforced to perform as one long unit.

A foundation contractor will use this type of installation when providing longitudinal support and preventing flexion is the goal.

These can span specific lengths and widths or even be used under the entire structure as one large pad called a raft.

Pad and Ground Beam Foundations

Another type of support used by foundation pad services is the pad with ground beams, useful for improving the rigidity of the structure.

These foundations consist of smaller pads set into larger ones that are then connected to each other via concrete beams that extend between the two.

Choose the Right Foundation Pad

The purpose of foundation pads is to support the structure being built on top of them by preventing movement and flexion of the structure.

To provide the right amount of support, a foundation pad company will choose one of the above types according to limitations and conditions including:

  • Weight of the structure being built.
  • Proximity to boundaries.
  • Sturdiness of the construction pad.
  • Support requirements based on building design.

Discuss building and site design with a qualified foundation construction service to ensure the right one is used for your structure!

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