Whether you own a ranch, farm, or even a few acres on the outskirts of the suburbs, game fences are beneficial protection for people, domestic animals, and wildlife alike.

Designed to create a safe but non-penetrable barrier, game fencing works where other more decorative ranch and residential fencing does not.

Do you need a game fence around your property?

What Is Game Fencing?

A game fence is one designed to be a strong, non-scalable barrier that separates animals and people.

Most commonly used in areas where wild deer and other large game live, game fencing is an important safety barrier used by private property owners, municipalities, wildlife reserves, zoos, and many others to keep some animals in and others out.

In doing so, this fencing provides safety for all, including people.

How Is Game Fencing Constructed?

Though similar to standard commercial chain link fences, game fences are slightly different in their construction.

This type of fencing is installed using metal posts and supports like chain link, but with lighter wire meshes that are less conspicuous and unsightly from a distance.

Up close, game fencing using the appropriate size mesh creates a visible boundary that deters most animals from attempting to get through or over it.

How Is Game Fencing Different Than Other Fences?

Game fences differ from standard ranch or residential fences as they are taller and more secure with smaller openings, all of which discourages animals from trying to breach it.

Its sole purpose is to prevent entry or escape, rather than to have an attractive appearance.

Taller game fencing of eight feet or greater in height can keep deer and other jumping animals from leaping over, while those with a smaller mesh size can keep predators from climbing through or under.

This barrier can keep smaller livestock and raised game animals within the boundaries of a property the same way.

It also prevents injury to wildlife that may end up hurt while trying to scale other types of barriers and reduces fencing and property damage that results from those attempts.

Essentially, it is a fencing option perfect for situations where other types of fences are unable to provide as secure of a barrier in such a cost-effective way.

For optimal results, the height and mesh size chosen should always reflect the sizes and types of all animals being contained or restricted and how they negotiate the barriers.

Protect Animals and Humans Alike With A Game Fence

Residential fencing around a few acres looks attractive as does many types of standard ranch fencing; however, if wildlife coming on your property is a risk, creating a more secure perimeter using a game fence is worthwhile.

While that ranch fencing might keep your horses and cattle in or looks great around your home lot that backs up to the woods, it won’t keep unwelcome visitors out.

Game fencing provides critical safety for domestic animals including chickens, goats, and sheep; gets rid of animal loss to predators; eliminates human contact with dangerous animals; contains large livestock on larger acreage; and even preserves grazing land by keeping other foraging animals out.

In these and many other situations, game fencing is a worthwhile investment in human and animal safety!

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