The main purpose of athletic fencing is to keep the game contained to the court or field while keeping others out, yet what about the wind, especially on courts where a blustery day can affect gameplay?

Windscreens for athletic fences are a great idea, but there are things to know about them.

Before calling your athletic fence contractor and asking to have windscreens installed on your fences, here are some details to know about windscreens and their use.

Why Use Windscreens On Athletic Fencing?

WIndscreens are recommended by athletic fencing service for many reasons.

Although their main purpose is to prevent wind gusts from interrupting the game, they are also commonly used to provide more privacy, even when wind is not an issue.

Windscreens can also add an additional layer of safety when used on common chain link athletic fences as the fence cannot be climbed with the windscreen in place, preventing children and spectators from getting over the barrier.

They also work great for showing off team colors and logos, advertising, or any other message for spectators to see.

How Are Windscreens for Athletic Fencing Used?

Standard windscreens sold by athletic fence contractors are very easy to install and take down as needed.

They are fastened using cable or zip ties so they stay on when needed but can be taken down quickly when not.

A few people can get windscreens installed or taken down relatively quickly when using the correct fasteners.

They are also very easy to keep clean.

What Options Are Available In Athletic Fence Windscreens?

Windscreens for athletic fences are typically made from durable woven or knit polypropylene or polyethylene and are available in multiple colors to handle most average fencing needs.

Vinyl-coated windscreens are also available and a great option when printing on the screen is desired.

Polyblend windscreens are more abrasion and UV resistant but may fray if they are cut.

Vinyl-coated windscreens experience more abrasion damage over time but are also more UV-resistant.

Can Your Fence Support A Windscreen?

Before purchasing any windscreen, it is important to discuss it with your athletic fence contractor or plan your new fence accordingly with them.

Blowing against a windscreen, strong winds can put an extreme amount of force on the fence itself, causing substantial damage if your athletic fencing is not sturdy enough to withstand that wind load.

Fences with smaller pole sizing or not securely installed into the ground are at risk of being blown over due to the wind load put on the upright part of the fence.

To prevent this from happening, existing athletic fencing should be assessed for its ability to withstand wind loads and new fences should be planned with the intent to use a windscreen in mind.

Windscreens Are A Great Accessory for Athletic Fences

Whether your athletic fences are installed around a tennis court, a baseball diamond, or a soccer field, there are times when a windscreen can be useful.

Choosing the right windscreen for your specific type of athletic fencing is important to prevent damage to the windscreen as well as the fence itself.

If you would like to enhance fences with a durable and safe windscreen, contact a local athletic fence contractor to talk about your needs and which options will work best for your fencing installation!

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