Residential privacy fences are a great addition to any home property.

Offering many benefits, they are one of the most popular installations that fence services do in residential areas.

If you are thinking of a way to improve the look of your property with a fence, here are some great reasons to have your fence company install a privacy fence in your yard!

Privacy and Comfort

Available in heights between 6 and 8 feet, residential privacy fences create a secluded area in your yard to be comfortable and out of sight from neighbors, pedestrians, and road traffic.

It is easy to turn a small fenced area into a personal oasis no matter where you live.

Added Security

Fence services recommend tall privacy fencing as a reliable method of adding security around your home.

Harder to scale than any standard height fence, these installations surrounding your property reduce theft by hiding your belongings, windows, and doors so there is less temptation for a break-in.

Aesthetic Appeal

Privacy fences installed by professional fence companies are available made from wood, PVC, and other materials in many different styles and designs.

A good-looking fence that matches your home style and personal tastes can greatly improve the look of your home and add important curb appeal.

Noise and Wind Reduction

Two frequently overlooked benefits of residential privacy fences are how they reduce the noise of road traffic and block blustery winds as well.

These tall, solid barriers act as a windbreak for smaller spaces, making yards more comfortable and inhabitable.

They also block the sound waves of road traffic and other noise, helping to keep your yard quieter and more peaceful while also containing your own music and voices.

Children, Pets, and Wildlife

Since tall privacy fences installed by fencing services are solid and go all the way to the ground, they make the perfect enclosure for homes with kids and pets.

There are no spaces to climb on or through, cannot be crawled under, and prevent most dogs from escaping.

These tall fences also prevent bigger wildlife from entering backyards.

Adds Home Value

Fences can also add to the value of your home since an enclosed backyard is always a selling feature.

Fence companies find this is especially the case when the fence creates a solid barrier affording the many benefits these installations can provide.

A privacy fence and a little landscaping that turns a plain lot into a private home getaway and are a lot more appealing than that plain backyard fence.

Easy to Maintain

In comparison to other types, residential privacy fences are a lot easier to maintain.

Applying stain or weatherproofing every few years on wood fences can be done much more quickly than on other types of fences with rails or pickets.

Synthetic panels require little more than an occasional washing with a hose to keep them looking clean.

Privacy Fences Make A Great Fencing Option

Whether you have small children and pets to keep safe or just like the look and feel of a private getaway in your own yard, privacy fences make sense in residential neighborhoods.

An installation done by a reputable fence service can turn an under-used yard into a fun and comfortable place to spend your time.

Talk to a fencing company today about the many options available in privacy fencing and transform your home with the perfect one!

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