Whether your construction project involves a home or an office building, it will involve an excavation company at the start to get the building site prepared correctly; however, there is a difference between commercial and residential excavation services.

Learn the ways that commercial and residential excavation differ so you can hire the right excavation contractor to flawlessly handle your building site preparation needs!

Project Scale

The biggest difference between commercial and residential excavation is the scale of the project, with commercial projects typically being much larger than anything done on a residential property.

Yet that one difference dictates some important details about the excavation services required and how they must be provided.

Considering that most residential excavation contractor work involves preparing small building sites or digging out swimming pools while commercial excavation can involve preparing entire acreages of land for constructing larger buildings or other structures, the same basic tasks must be performed very differently.

Both also require certain permits and must adhere to specific safety and construction regulations, though those regulations might differ slightly.

Safe Site Clearing and Preparation

Site clearing and preparation is one of the first jobs that an excavation company may have to take care of when preparing a building site.

While both types of sites involve things like locating utilities before any digging takes place, commercial excavation services may end up digging to install drainage, cutting and filling to reshape the land, removing large boulders and tree stumps, and other heavier-duty earthwork tasks.

Structure Weight Vs. Soil Preparation

Depending on the project scale as well as the size and weight of the structures being constructed at a building site, excavation services will differ based on the type of soil preparation required.

Heavier structures made of materials like steel, concrete, and glass require a much more supportive and well-prepared building pad that involves more extensive excavation than does a residential, stick-built, or even brick home.

Maneuverability vs. Equipment Used

Another factor directly related to the size of the building lot and its building is the equipment used by an excavation company to do the work.

Any excavation done on a residential lot that requires careful maneuvering in and around residential landscaping, homes, and other personal structures must be completed using smaller equipment that is more easily maneuvered without causing damage to the worksite.

Excavation contractors that offer a full range of services to different construction customers have access to both smaller and larger equipment that can handle jobs of all sizes on both small and large building sites.

Choose An Excavation Contractor According To Project Scale

Although commercial and residential excavation services are basically the same, the scale of the job can dictate important details about the techniques and equipment used.

Be sure to hire an excavation contractor who has the right equipment and experience to handle your job, whether large or small.

Discuss the job ahead of time with an excavation company to ensure they have the expertise needed for your residential or commercial project and can safely complete it.

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