Aluminum fences are secure and stately fencing options that can look beautiful on almost any property.

Though they are fairly easy for any fencing contractor to install, land elevation can sometimes become a problem with these types of fencing.

When buying aluminum fencing for properties with inclines and declines, it is important to look for a feature called rackability.

A rackable aluminum bar fence will look straight and attractive, even as it follows the lay of uneven land.

Metal Fencing and Uneven Ground

An ideal location to put up metal fencing is one with flat ground and no inclines or declines so the bars remain straight and perpendicular to the ground.

Installed on uneven ground, metal panels will list, making the whole installation look lopsided.

Fortunately, attractive aluminum fencing is an option for instances where the look and durability of a metal fence are desired but the ground is not level.

Rackable aluminum fences provide the best of both worlds, making a sturdy and secure metal installation that remains straight and upright possible.

What Is Rackability?

Rackability is the ability to shift a fence panel so the horizontal support sections follow the ground elevation while leaving the vertical bars straight to preserve the visual appearance.

Rackable aluminum panels installed by fencing contractors are a top choice when you like the looks and benefits of this type of fence but your grounds have some elevation or unevenness issues.

The end result is strong aluminum fencing that looks natural in spite of any grade that creates a fencing challenge.

Racking Preferable Over Stepping

When fencing over grades, there are two options for installing any type of fence: racking or stepping.

Stepping involves adding sections of fence in a manner that causes them to look like a flight of steps; the top of the horizontal section ends up straight while the space under the fence increases with the increase in the surface grade.

It leaves large, unsightly, and penetrable open areas under one side of the panel as the other side is closer to the ground. 

Racking enables fencing contractors to install aluminum fencing in such a way that the whole panel shifts downward so the horizontal crossbars stay evenly spaced from the ground the entire way while the vertical bars remain upright.

It is more visually appealing, the aluminum fence is more securely supported, and it can still act as a security installation, leaving little space for people or animals to get underneath the raised corner.

Choose A Rackable Aluminum Fence for Any Installation

Available in two types, standard rack to accommodate minor ground grades and double-racked to accommodate grades up to 20”, aluminum fences are a great option when you want strength, beauty, and low maintenance on an uneven lot.

Installed by a professional fencing contractor who understands how to handle fencing on uneven ground, racking fences look more professional, and are more secure than stepped panels or listing fence lines.

Versatile aluminum fencing is the perfect choice for homeowners, business owners, recreational facilities, and much more for providing long-lasting property security without some of the problems encountered with other, less adjustable fencing!

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