When land clearing or underbrush removal is necessary, many landowners think that a tractor is a simple solution without even knowing that hydro ax clearing is a method to consider.

More efficient and environmentally friendly than clearing with a tractor, hydro ax services are quickly becoming a preferred clearing technique in a wider setting as smaller machines are now available.

What began as a method used mainly by forestry services running huge industrial machines has become a service that local hydro ax companies can provide to clear acreage of all sizes.

How Is Hydro Ax Clearing Done?

Hydro ax clearing is done using a machinery attachment that performs like a giant shredder on a mechanical arm that can be used high to mow down smaller trees or low to clear underbrush.

Hydro ax services are faster than the traditional clearing done by cutting down trees and pulling out brush and offers a better option when clearing without actually stripping away soil is preferred.

What Is Hydro Ax Mulching?

A great part of choosing a hydro ax company to clear away smaller trees and unwanted undergrowth is what happens to the waste materials produced by this clearing work.

The shredding attachment turns vegetation, including trees, into such small pieces that it is perfectly used as mulch for groundcover.

Turning waste vegetation into mulch using hydro ax services is preferable for a number of reasons:

  • Makes clearing faster and easier.
  • Eliminates the cost and effort of removing waste material from the site while benefiting the soil.

What Are Some Benefits of Choosing Hydro Ax Services?

There are many benefits to choosing a hydro ax company over a land clearing service that utilizes tractors and bulldozers:

  • Less Invasive - Hydro axing disturbs nothing other than the trees and brush being mulched by the shredding attachment. With better precision to pick and choose what to remove and what to leave standing, it is a less invasive approach to land clearing and maintenance.
  • No Destruction of the Topsoil - Hydro ax clearing completely eliminates the loss of topsoil and damage to the ground caused by felling trees the traditional way and raking out vines and underbrush. This is better for the ground and any remaining trees that are left standing as well as reduces the amount of repair work required to make the site usable.
  • Environmentally Friendly - Turning vegetation into freshly made mulch is an ideal natural way to dispose of it. Mulched vegetation left on the ground will decompose over time, slowly feeding the soil as it does while also acting as a ground cover to slow the regrowth of weeds and unwanted underbrush.
  • Eliminates Loading and Dumping - Mulched vegetative waste eliminates the need to load waste in trucks and transport it to a dumping site.
  • Eliminates Risk of Fires - When vegetation is mulched in place and left on the ground, there is no need to use dangerous burn piles to destroy it.
  • More Cost-Effective - Hydro ax clearing requires less time, fuel, and additional costs for dumping waste materials, making it the least-expensive choice with many great benefits.

Call A Hydro Ax Company For Fast and Easy Land Clearing

Whether managing a private lot of land or clearing a construction site, hydro ax services are a great choice for clearing away small trees, underbrush, and unwanted vegetation.

A skilled hydro ax contractor can make quick work of removing exactly what needs removing while saving what does not.

Performed in an earth-friendly way that eliminates the negatives of tractor clearing, hydro ax mulching is a sound choice for land clearing!

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