No matter what type of construction project you are planning, it will involve some degree of land grading.

Whether the project is a commercial building, a residence,an entire housing development, or a retail center, the land surrounding the structures requires hiring a professional grading company to ensure the project is properly finished.

Expert grading work performed by a skilled professional is essential to the correct outcome for every project in various ways.

1. Drainage and Elevation Grading

Before any land development and building project can be started, two essential types of land grading must take place to prepare the site for construction.

  1. First elevation grading work must be done to shape the land properly as required by the whole building plan.
  2. Next on the list, drainage grading to handle water flow and site drainage must be performed.

These two critical parts of the site preparation process divert water, prevent flooding, and prevent soil erosion, three major concerns that can spell disaster for any construction project when not properly handled.

2. Foundation Grading

Building a foundation involves much more than simply digging a hole for the concrete.

It requires a land grading company to go in first and prepare the foundation site so it is solid enough to support all the heavy equipment required to build the foundation.

Grading services will first assess the soil type and consistency, then level and compact it so it is solid and ready to be built on.

Proper grading at the building site is also important to ensure the ground around the foundation is able to support it once the whole structure is built.

3. Grading For Paving

Walkways, driveways, roads, and parking lots all require different grading work, as well.

Creating these surfaces starts with multiple types of grading, from leveling to compacting to smoothing for the final layer of concrete or pavement.

If grading services are poorly executed, paved surfaces may become uneven, sink, or break up once they are in use. 

4. Landscape Grading 

The final step performed by a land grading company in every construction project is yet more grading, this time to finish the ground surface.

Landscape grading consists of filling in and smoothing the building site, putting in any additional necessary drainage, and then finishing the surface with new topsoil.

After the last step of landscape grading, the site is left ready for actual landscapers to come in, lay down sod, and put in trees and other plantings.

Grading Work Requires A Professional

Grading work is a highly detailed, very technical part of the preparation of every building site that must be properly executed.

Land grading mistakes made in these various steps in the construction process can lead to serious problems like flooding and drainage problems, ground erosion, weakening the foundation, deconstruction of paved surfaces, and much more.

The easiest way to avoid these serious problems and confirm that your construction project can be completed successfully is to hire a skilled grading company to handle these important site preparation tasks.

Like all other steps in the construction process, leaving it to trained and experienced professionals will always give the desired outcome!

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