Land clearing has become a controversial topic these days as environmental conservation efforts are becoming more prominent throughout the country and the world.

Still, land clearing services are essential for both residential and commercial development to take place.

Eco-friendly land clearing companies can provide a sound solution in many cases by offering ways to develop the land for construction while protecting the environment as much as possible.

What Is Eco-Friendly Land Clearing?

Eco-friendly land clearing is a clearing and site preparation method that seeks to avoid removing what does not need to be removed, leaving more of nature intact.

It is a clearing method used by land clearing companies that is especially applicable for residential home-building lots, but it can also be used to an extent for commercial development when total clearing is not necessary.

It is a kinder approach to building site preparation that preserves much of what is already there instead of clearing everything away and replacing certain elements.

These land clearing services involve more planning ahead of time, but it is much healthier for the environment, resulting in less damage to nature, less waste, and interestingly, lower cost overall.

What Eco-Friendly Land Clearing Methods Are Used?

Land clearing with conservation in mind involves different processes than traditional clearing, which essentially razes everything, topsoil included, leaving only a bare plot of ground.

With the newer, eco-friendly techniques now used by many land clearing companies, not only are many trees preserved but the topsoil is left intact as well except in the exact spot where the building will take place.

  • Underbrush Clearing - Rather than completely stripping the land, underbrush clearing to mow down grasses, weeds, brush, and saplings is ideal for clearing without disturbing the ground.
  • Forest Mulching - Mulching waste material using lighter mulching equipment and returning the waste to the ground to decompose and feed the soil eliminates on-site destruction while making the soil healthier overall.
  • Tree Conservation - Rather than utilizing the wasteful practice of felling all trees, then hauling them off and disposing of them, mature and healthy trees are left intact while unstable, unhealthy ones are mulched on the spot. Land clearing services can leave building lots mostly wooded this way, while still thinning out where necessary to allow the stronger trees a better environment to continue growing.
  • Equipment Choice - Eco-friendly land clearing techniques require contractors to rethink their approach to site preparation and plan it using equipment that will cause the least amount of damage to the ground except directly around the building zone and any access roads. With smaller and lighter equipment, they can make a building lot workable without removing all of its natural beauty or destroying unnecessarily.

Eco-Friendly Land Clearing Is A Great Option

While eco-friendly land clearing services might take a little more time in planning and thoughtful execution, they can cost less than traditional clearing and better preserves the environment.

Landowners looking to take more of a conservationist approach with their projects can discuss these techniques with land clearing companies that are eco-conscious and have access to the equipment required to do it.

Using earth-friendly, environmentally protective clearing methods, construction projects do not have to be destructive and wasteful!

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