Success with any commercial land development project starts with good planning, then progresses along a proven 3-stage process.

Typically, the process begins before the land is purchased; however, with a good commercial land development company, existing land that was wisely bought can be developed as desired.

Whether starting from scratch or looking to develop a pre-owned parcel of land, these are the three important stages of commercial development and their essential steps.

1. Pre-Development Planning

Most of the actual development involved in commercial land development happens in the first planning or pre-development stage, as it is in this stage that the entire project must be planned out for execution.

Pre-development begins with commercial land development companies creating a budget, scouting for appropriate land plots, and then performing surveying on those that seem suitable to choose a suitable property for the desired project.

Once a piece of land is determined for commercial land development, the project owner can purchase it and then start the actual project plan for that property.

The last step of this planning phase is obtaining all zoning and building permits so that construction can begin.

2. Project Construction

After commercial land development companies have purchased a property, developed a full project plan, and obtained necessary permitting, the project construction phase can begin.

That starts with the hiring of contractors to handle all parts of the process, beginning with site preparation as well as the installation of utilities and continuing until construction is complete.

Throughout this phase, commercial developers must play the role of quality assurance as construction is happening to ensure the process goes as planned and the results are what is expected.

3. Post-Development Use

Since commercial land development companies buy land and build on it with an end goal of selling it to actual property owners, post-development usage happens after construction is complete.

Land that has been developed for housing will be sold lot by lot to homeowners, while parcels developed for retail office buildings or other purposes will be offered for sale to appropriate markets.

Some commercial land development projects may also only be leased out, with the developer retaining ownership of the property and buildings.

This is a detail that is typically decided by commercial land development companies in the pre-development stage, as understanding who the eventual owner will be is essential to the development of the whole project.

Commercial Land Development Success - Know The Process!

When starting any commercial land development project, it is essential that developers follow proven methods that incorporate steps in the right manner.

Most importantly, commercial land development companies must understand the importance of the first planning and pre-development stage as well as how it affects the whole rest of the project.

Property owners interested in doing their own development, whether to sell post-development or create income-generating properties, should partner with a commercial developer who has experience with this process and can follow it effectively to minimize problems once the actual building begins.

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