Site work makes up the critical beginning of every construction project, giving land developers a clean slate to work with.

When extreme weather interferes with this process, site work contractors experience time delays and mounting costs.

Unfortunately, Mother Nature cannot be stopped, so Texas site work companies end up dealing with all types of challenging weather.

Noting this, it is important that project planners anticipate at least some bad weather and the potential issues it can cause when developing their project plan and schedule.

Site Work Can Be Significantly Affected By Rain

Texas gets some heavy rains, not only in the spring but also in the late summer and fall.

These are also prime periods for getting site work done for all types of construction projects, at least when the weather is cooperating.

Light rains are rarely a problem for site work contractors, but downpours cause a number of issues that end up frequently delaying the entire project.

Heavy rains might cause contractors to retreat from their construction site while they fall, but they can also create an unworkable, muddy environment that keeps the site shut down for days or even weeks.

Of all the weather conditions that affect a site work company schedule the most, heavy rains are at the top of the list.

Extreme Temperatures Slow Site Work Progress

Texas winters are usually fairly mild, so they are another time when site work can be done and most times without the threat of heavy rains.

Yet cold spells that see the temperature dipping far below freezing for days or even a week or two can definitely slow down the progress.

Working with frozen ground is more difficult as well as time-consuming, as equipment and water pipelines can all be negatively affected by sub-freezing temperatures.

Conversely, extreme heat can have a similar effect of slowing the progress of site work contractors simply because working in extreme Texas heat and humidity can be dangerous if not approached correctly.

Contractors require more rest breaks to cool down and equipment use must be carefully managed to prevent overheating that can permanently damage it.

High Winds Create Dangerous Work Environments

When high winds blow, construction sites can become very dangerous places.

Site work companies may need to delay their work on extremely windy days, as strong winds can cause dust storms, blow debris around, and make it impossible for contractors to get anything done.

Strong winds might seem like more of a nuisance than anything, but they do create hazards that keep site work contractors off the work site until they calm down.

Site Work Companies Must Plan Ahead For Extreme Weather

When planning site work in Texas, always take local weather patterns into consideration to develop a more accurate project time frame.

It is not possible to prevent the rains or dipping temperatures that can impede the progress of a site work company, but it is possible to anticipate those delays.

With adequate space left in the project schedule for weather delays that will eventually happen and the required budgeting to accommodate those delays, contractors can work safely and precisely, reducing risks of work site problems and employee hazards that can negatively affect the whole project.

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