Game fencing is a practical choice for landowners in suburban and rural areas.

Whether a property houses a single residence, a development of homes, or a hobby or business ranch, game fences are a worthwhile investment to protect the residents, both human and animal, on those properties from the wildlife beyond it.

High game fencing is a worthwhile investment for property owners to reduce the threat that wildlife presents and cohabitate with nature in a safer manner.

What Is Game Fencing?

Also known as high game fencing, deer fence, or whitetail fencing, these are wire fences installed around property lines to create a barrier between wild lands and developed property.

Game fencing, which is typically made from high-tensile wire mesh, is designed to keep wildlife, especially deer or predators, from coming onto a property.

Based on how it is installed, secure wires at ground level prevent digging under the fence while its tall height prevents jumping in most cases.

It is also commonly used by commercial property owners as a more effective solution for preventing trespassing over more expensive, climbable chain link.

What Advantages Does Installing Game Fences Provide?

Game fences installed as a wildlife barrier offer some important advantages to those residing on or using a property:

  • Predators - Sturdy, dig-proof game fencing is instrumental for keeping dangerous predators away from populated lands where they might hunt ranch animals or become a threat to community residents.
  • Deer and Other Wildlife - As beautiful as deer may be, some ranches or neighborhoods may wish to prevent them from coming onto a property. Deer can draw in predators, spread ticks, and forage on grounds meant for cattle and other ranched animals.
  • Trespassers - High game fencing is also an effective deterrent to keep trespassers off a property. Used by ranchers, private property owners, as well as even commercial and municipal businesses to prevent theft and injury liabilities, these fences are difficult to climb and can easily keep most trespassers out.
  • Ranch Animals - On large acreages, impermeable, non-climb, tall game fences also make a cost-effective perimeter livestock fence to keep ranch animals, including livestock deer, safely enclosed and separated from wild populations.
  • Blends In - Though it is not the most attractive or decorative, wire game fencing easily blends into the background in most wooded or farmland settings, making it less visible and distracting from a distance.

Consider Game Fencing To Protect Private Properties

Whether a property owner has ranch animals to protect, a business or their own personal property to prevent access to, game fencing is a great option for all of those reasons.

Sturdy game fences are too tall to be jumped by deer, are not scalable by humans or predators, and cannot be dug under when properly installed.

As such, high game fences can be a useful means for reducing theft, injury, animal loss, and other liabilities for large properties of all kinds.

When the protection of a perimeter boundary is necessary, game fencing is a suitable option for providing that protection in an affordable way.

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