Land Leveling is one of many parts of a complete site grading plan for a construction project.

Though leveling work seems like a straightforward concept, there is more to it than most people assume.

Read on to learn about the role of leveling services within a site grading and preparation plan and the different types of leveling that projects may require.

What Is Land Leveling?

Land leveling, also referred to as grading, is a part of the overall site grading and preparation that is done at the start of any construction project.

By its simplest definition, leveling is the process of shaping the ground so the land is ready to have any utilities installed and then built on or finished.

There are multiple types of leveling work that may be used throughout a site preparation and construction project, with each type of leveling achieving a different goal.

What Types of Leveling Work Are Performed As Part of A Site Grading Plan?

Generally speaking, the term site grading is one that encompasses multiple types of land leveling and grading to prepare the land for a specific construction project.

The different types of leveling services that might be required for a project may include any of the following depending on the condition of the land starting off and what is necessary to remodel the land appropriately for building:

  • Regrading - Lowering or raising the levels of the land using cutting and filling excavation techniques.
  • Rough Grading - Leveling or sloping all of the land around the construction area to resolve drainage issues and create overflow and runoff areas.
  • Architectural Grading - Adjusting the level of the land around the construction site to accommodate drainage and utility installation, home or building site elevations, and other leveling needs around the structures and streets to be installed.
  • Finish Grading - Leveling work that provides the final contour for roads, walkways, and other installations that will be paved later.
  • Final Grading - The final grading and ground shaping around buildings or homes to prepare for landscaping.
  • Landscape Grading - Installing and smoothing topsoil in preparation to install trees, plants, and other landscaping.

Why Are Leveling Services An Essential Part of Well-Executed Site Preparation?

While it might seem to the uneducated eye that all leveling work is the same and it must not be too difficult, in reality, poorly done leveling services can cause serious problems to the whole construction site.

Calculating correct grading techniques and requirements to correctly prepare the land to support the construction project and prevent problems like flooding, poor drainage, and damage to foundations and other components involves knowledge and experience.

Regardless of the size of the construction job, whether putting up a huge building, a residential neighborhood, a single house, or even just a patio, poorly-executed leveling and site preparation can lead to future disaster.

Hire An Experienced Site Preparation Company For Accurate Leveling Work

As critical as good leveling work is for every construction project no matter how big or small, project owners should only rely on the services of an experienced site preparation contractor to do it.

Project owners building up commercial properties or even just a private residence must seek leveling services from a knowledgeable contractor who is skilled with the ins and outs of this process!

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