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Confused About Choosing the Right Land Services Contractor?

You shouldn’t be confused or uneasy about choosing the right land clearing services contractor. If you’re planning to clear land in Texas, make sure you get a quote from someone you can trust.

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Commercial Site Development

We regularly work and consult with utility operators/contractors, real estate developers, Rails-To-Trails developers, municipalities, and oil and gas professionals. We provide our services, as well as useful information to decision-makers about costs and the best practices to construct

Forestry Mulching

When you need to clear trees and other forestry material 6-8 inches in circumference or less, forestry mulching is often the most cost efficient and minimally invasive method available. Forestry mulching refers to the method of using hydraulic mulching machinery to grind material onsite. This removes the need to burn, which means less risk and less CO2 emissions. It also means material haul-out isn’t necessary, which significantly reduces costs. Forestry mulching does not disturb subsurface root systems. The processed material acts as a deterrent for regrowth and an erosion barrier. As the processed material decomposes, it adds nutrients back into your soil.

Commercial Land Clearing

Commercial land clearing refers to the process of removing brush, trees, and stumps from the commercial tract. This process differs from residential land clearing, as it usually is less selective and scaled accordingly. Because of scale, the cleared material is often marketable locally and regionally.

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Right-of-Way Maintenance

Right-of-way and easement maintenance ensures that people, vehicles, and/or operators can travel through property even if it’s no longer being used for its original purposes. We provide clearing, spraying, and vegetation control services to owners and operators. Annual maintenance is necessary to ensure the proper function of the space. We add value and efficiency to infrastructure and property by removing vegetation and debris in a cost-efficient manner.

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Demolition and Debris Removal

When a storm hits, life and limb are the first concern, followed shortly by clean-up and restoration. We offer debris removal, collection, and demolition services to homeowners, insurance companies, and businesses.

Utility and Culvert Installation

We offer a variety of services in this space: general excavation, site prep, trenching, construction soil stabilization (or compaction), culvert installation, and conduit installation. Quite often we work hand-in-hand with electric, water, and internet providers in the utility installation process.

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Retention and Detention Ponds

Ponds add aesthetics and help properties handle ground and runoff water effectively. Retention Ponds (think wet!) have a permanent pond level with landscaped banks to provide additional storage capacity to accommodate rainfall and runoff. Detention Ponds (think dry!) do not hold water during normal conditions, but have the capacity to control excess water during high rainfall events. Both tools are designed to address flooding, pollution, and erosion. This is a great way to add value, functionality, and beauty to your property.

Rough Grades and Final Grades

Grading refers the process of shaping the land. Rough grades usually take place at the start of construction. The goal is to move dirt so that the grounds generally adhere to the site plan and drain properly. Final grades take place at the end of construction when the finished product needs to be fine-tuned and look its best. Because the construction process can be hectic, grades will often need to be maintained throughout the duration of the build. 

Erosion Control

Erosion control is a process that helps to prevent soil from being washed away by rain, runoff, and/or wind. This can be accomplished through a variety of methods, including the use of retaining walls, silt fences, straw bales, check dams, turf installation, hydroseeding, and other types of erosion best practices to make sure your project remains in SWPPP compliance.

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Grub and Root Raking

Grub and root raking is the process of removing subsurface stumps and roots from the ground. This is typically done with a rake, blade, or excavator, and it’s an important step in preparing the ground for construction or landscaping projects. Subsurface organic material will naturally decompose over time. This can create weak or soft spots in your build area, and can ultimately result in a foundation and/or structural failure.  


Rails-to-Trails projects convert abandoned railroad corridors and other easements into public trail systems. It’s an environmentally friendly way to make use of underutilized space in your communities and neighborhoods. Trails create value and benefits for developers and consumers through (1) promotion of healthy activities (biking, hiking, or running), (2) the creation of green spaces, (3) helping to alleviate traffic congestion, (4) providing safe access to undeveloped areas, and (5) offering natural outdoor spaces for kids and families.

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Acreage Mowing

We provide acreage mowing services to residential and commercial properties.

Project Management and Supervision Services

While the core of our business revolves around site work, our attention to detail and punctuality have prompted many of our clients to ask for project management and supervision services after our horizontal construction has been completed. We officially started offering these services in 2021. While it’s vital to have onsite supervision and communication throughout the construction process, we also partner with Ally Accounting Solutions to provide our customers with detailed financial reports and timely expense tracking as part of our project management service.

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