Land clearing and grubbing is a tough job that involves the use of many pieces of specialized equipment.

Whether clearing a single building lot or many acres of land for development, contractors who do clearing and grubbing bring out all of the same machines so it is done efficiently and correctly.

Depending on the size of the land being cleared, the density of trees and brush, and the condition of the land, clearing and grubbing services will bring in one or more of these impressive machines listed below.

1. Bulldozers

Bulldozers are one of the most important big machines used for land clearing and grubbing, as they are very versatile and used for many different tasks.

For land clearing that involves removing trees, bulldozers are typically equipped with a standard blade and root rake attachment.

The blade is used for pushing trees over and debris out of the way.

Clearing and grubbing contractors then use the root rake to pull deep roots out of the ground so the soil at the building site will be stable and without the problems that decomposing stumps and roots could cause.

2. Skid Steers

Another machine used by clearing and grubbing services to handle tree removal and many other tasks is a skid steer.

These machines are especially useful for land clearing as they can perform many tasks with the different attachments available for them.

The most common attachments used for clearing and grubbing are grapples for lifting and moving whole felled trees, rock rakes that pull large rocks out of the ground, stump grinders, brush cutters, and mulchers.

3. Mulchers

While skid steers with mulcher attachments are fine for mulching smaller areas, clearing and grubbing contractors will turn to a standalone machine called a forestry mulcher for bigger jobs.

These machines can turn an entire tree into a pile of biodegradable mulch or mow down acres of brush in mere minutes.

Their power and speed make them essential tools in land clearing.

4. Excavators

Excavator machines or sometimes backhoes with digging buckets may also be used by clearing and grubbing services to dig out tree roots as well as rocks and move other debris for removal from the site.

Backhoes with digging buckets are useful for smaller jobs but for larger ones or on difficult or muddy ground, excavators on tracks are more capable for the conditions.

Much Might Required For Land Clearing And Grubbing

One of the hardest yet most important parts of developing any land for building is the clearing and grubbing stage, which allows for correct building site preparation.

To properly complete this step, land clearing contractors must rely on powerful machinery that can uproot trees, grind stumps, pull out deep roots, move boulders as well as piles of trees, and more.

Yet what is truly amazing is just how quickly experienced operators from clearing and grubbing services can turn a densely wooded plot into a clean parcel ready for its final site preparation so it can be built on!

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