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Lot Conditions – What They Mean to Land Development!

Every residential land development project begins with the purchase of a parcel of land on which to build.

What happens during land development and the cost to finish a project largely depends on the condition of the land when it is purchased.

Since residential land development services come across building [...]

Commercial Land Development – What Are The Various Steps?

Success with any commercial land development project starts with good planning, then progresses along a proven 3-stage process.

Typically, the process begins before the land is purchased; however, with a good commercial land development company, existing land that was wisely bought can be developed as desired.

Whether starting from scratch [...]

What Are The Responsibilities of Excavation Contractors?

The excavation part of any land or building project is the one that involves the most earthwork.

Excavation work is a step in the site preparation process that readies the land for building construction.

Still, there is more that excavation contractors are responsible for than simply digging trenches and leveling [...]

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