Recreational spaces like parks and playgrounds make neighborhoods a fun place to visit for many families and a critical part of safety for them is using the right recreational fencing in these areas.

With so many fencing types available for fencing contractors to install, it is essential to understand which features make a fence desirable for this type of application.

Any recreational fence service will have these safe and attractive options available.

Safety and Function

A highly important factor for any recreational fence set-up is that it must be safe based on the type of park or grounds and who will frequent it.

Playgrounds for children, as well as dog parks and areas that must be secured at night, should be enclosed with fences that prevent climbing or jumping over and have openings closely spaced together to prevent a child or pet from sliding through.

Sports fields may not need tall fences, but small openings are important to keep play balls from getting away.

Walking trails and nature parks may be fine with natural fences or those with bigger openings like post-and-board.

Have fencing contractors install different fences for the various areas of the park if it is a multi-purpose space as well.

Strength and Durability

Regardless of what type of barrier a recreational fencing service installs at a park, the fence should be high-quality and durable.

  • Wood fences decompose over time and require more maintenance, so that is something to keep in mind.
  • Metal fences last longer and tend to be stronger.

This is especially important if it must be possible to lock the area to prevent access at certain times.

Installations around play and sports areas may see more abuse than perimeter fencing, all of which must be considered when choosing the perfect recreational fence to create areas at any community park.

Aesthetics and Style

An attractive fence that fits the aesthetics of the park and the community is another factor that should go into making the right choice for the fencing contractors to install.

Whether the look needs to be stately, classic, or natural, there are fences available in all categories that can meet the standards of safety and durability while also looking appropriate for the park and its different enclosed areas.

Local Regulations

Every community has zoning regulations regarding the installation of fences and they may not be the same.

Before giving the fencing service the go-ahead to install one at a community park, those in charge of the project must verify the regulations in that community to ensure the right fence is put up.

Heights, types, distance from the road, and many other details must be researched for the fence to be legal.

Community Parks Need The Right Recreational Fence

Community parks are wonderful spaces where the public can enjoy the open space and any amenities provided.

Keeping these spaces safe and secure requires a good recreational fence.

Before calling any fence contractors, planners must consider these points to determine what the fencing needs are and which fence will fulfill them all.

Park planners can discuss their projects with experienced recreational fencing contractors to learn the full spectrum of choices available to them and which ones will work best!

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