Of all the types of fences to have installed for horses and livestock, steel pipe fences can be one of the best options, especially for Texans.

Though steel pipe fencing might not look as classic as the traditional post and board found on many horse farms, it can be a wiser choice for some due to its many qualities.

If you are deciding which barrier to choose to keep your horses safely contained, here are some of the reasons why fence services recommend steel pipe for horses, livestock, and other animals where strength, safety, and durability count!

Safety First

The first and most important quality that any fencing option must have to be considered horse fencing is that it is safe.

Steel pipe fencing or drill stem fencing is an extremely safe choice for horses and other livestock as it is durable against the type of abuse that livestock can deliver, it is easy to see, hard to damage, and nearly impossible for an animal to get it down.

Additionally, it can be installed by fence services with steel rods, high tensile wire, electric wire, and other rails, all of which are much safer than barbed wire, which is never recommended for horses. 

Exceptionally Strong

Much stronger than wood or any other type of fencing material, steel pipe fences are suitable for even the largest horses, cattle, buffalo, and other large livestock.

When properly installed by an experienced fence service, these fences resist leaning, pushing, biting, and will not loosen unlike most other options.

Steel is nearly indestructible by these animals, making it an ideal barrier around pastures and paddocks, especially in locations where grazing is done close to roads or anywhere that an escape would be particularly dangerous for animals and people.

Durable and Easy To Maintain

Another great quality of steel pipe fencing is that it requires little to no maintenance other than routine inspection and it is durable against almost anything that could damage it.

It can stand up to the extremes of Texas weather, from high heat to hurricane-force winds, suffering little effect.

It can be painted quickly and easily to slow down the natural decomposition of the steel and then repaired fairly easily as well in the rare instance that a bar or weld rusts excessively.

Recyclable and Affordable

Another great benefit of using Texas drill stem steel pipe fences is the price.

Drill stem fences are not just recycled, but they are also recyclable as the pipes and rods used to build these fences are recycled from the oil drilling industry.

The parts are plentiful as well as affordable and the steel can be further recycled for other purposes as well.

Drill stem steel fences are also an environmentally-friendly choice as it reduces the dependence on trees to make wood fences that are not nearly as durable and long-lasting.

Steel Pipe Fencing Is A Great Choice For Livestock

For livestock owners in Texas, steel pipe fencing is a recommended choice for nearly any rancher or farm owner.

Steel pipe fences are stronger than any other livestock fence out there, durable and long-lasting, and much more affordable than wood fences, too.

Using repurposed materials from the oil drilling industry, steel drill stem fencing installed by a professional fence service is a great choice for keeping horses and other livestock safely contained without spending too much money!

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