A new tool making its way into residential land development services is the drone, with its overhead imaging ability.

Drones improve the land development process by making measuring, tracking, and observing more possible and at a much lower cost.

A more recent adopter of drone technology, residential land development contractors have been quick to embrace drone use for the great advantages gained from this clear aerial imagery of any work site.

1. More Cost-Effective Than Ground-Based Surveying

No matter how big or small the land development project is, surveying is always necessary.

Ground surveying can take days, weeks, or even months depending on the scope of the project with residential land development companies footing the bill for those many hours of service.

Using a drone, contractors are able to get the information they need in a fraction of the time to complete their surveying tasks, all without spending days and weeks on foot at the location.

2. A Safer Surveying Option

In addition to land development surveying done with drones being faster and less expensive, it is also much safer than traditional ground surveying or site monitoring.

Residential land development contractors using drone services to provide aerial footage for surveys, site inspections, and other purposes eliminate the risk of having people on foot or in vehicles on raw land or construction sites already undergoing site preparation.

3. Gathers More Accurate Data

Not only can drone footage collect clear imagery and topographic data that can be used for surveying purposes, it can also work for general site viewing as well.

Whether determining the fitness of a particular piece of ground to be used for residential land development or simply needing some birds-eye views to aid in mapping the project, drone footage is fast, affordable, and easy to obtain.

4. Allows For Easy Project Tracking 

Another great benefit that drone technology offers land development services is the ability to monitor projects from above to keep track of progress.

A quick fly-over with a drone can provide a look at the conditions at the worksite, how far along specific projects are, and even monitor earth piles and materials stockpiles without the need to actually travel to all these places and look in person.

This can make management of the worksite easier and prevent project delays, while also enabling land development companies to provide accurate progress reports to project owners and others who require them.

5. Suitable For Marketing Material

Drone footage is also great for the marketing of residential land development sites, promotional materials for land development contractors, and many other things.

Whether using still photographs or recorded video footage, aerial drone imagery is much more impressive than photos or video shot from the ground and provides a more complete view of the land, typography, and whatever work has or is being done.

Drones The Perfect Aid For Residential Land Development Projects

Whether clearing a lot for a single home or surveying a large plot for residential land development, development contractors can find many useful ways to put drone technology to use.

Best of all, there is no need to even own a drone and learn how to fly it, as there are plenty of licensed drone operators out there for hire by contractors.

Land development is faster, safer, and more economical when contractors embrace all the new technology out there to make their jobs easier!

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